Wood Flooring Burton-on-Trent

  • Laminate
  • Solid wood flooring
  • Floor boarding
  • Loft boarding
  • Skirting and beading

Wood Flooring in Burton-on-Trent is available from David Painting Service, this is for very fast repair of the floor in a sustainable and aesthetically appealing manner. The panels can be installed even on old or linoleum floor, without their prior picking. At the same time, the panels have very good resistance to abrasion resistance.

  • Laying panels
  • Leveling screed substrate
  • Leveling the ground for the panels with a sponge or plates
  • Laying laminate flooring
  • Multilayer stacking wooden panels
  • Stacking panels without glue
  • Laying floorboards
  • Installation of perimeter strips and corners
  • Installation of wooden skirting boards
  • Mounting pedestals

Flooring should form the so-called 'floating floor', and so the floor cannot come into direct contact with walls or fixed elements associated with the substrate, such as pillars and columns and due to the low resistance should be put on a dry surface under the appropriate conditions.

If you need wood laminate flooring in Burton-on-Trent, why not give David Painting Services a call, and see what we can do for you!