Plastering Burton-on-Trent

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We cover the following:

  • Wall and ceilings
  • Loft conversion
  • Double and more level ceilings
  • Stud walls

Honing walls and ceilings called to filling dramatically improves the aesthetics of the walls. In the construction market, there are many types of gypsum fillers intended for the performance of gypsum plasters. The characteristics of these strokes is slightly different. It is about color, hardness, flexibility, drying and curing time.

Honing is based on uniform distribution of gypsum mortar. The high degree of smoothness is gained through experience aided by grinding after some time and special strokes etc. The thickness of the strokes on the smooth plaster is about 2 mm.

Gypsum is applied on the surface of the wall on which was placed cement, lime and gypsum. Circulation is important for the plasterboard and painting of various types of sleepers.

To do this we need good quality plaster and water. This is applied to the finishing wall, once everything is well prepared; of course, we cannot forget about smoothness (using the appropriate grinding equipment for the gypsum on the wall to achieve the optimum results).

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